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Mike Peters - The Billable LifeThe Billable Life is the work of Mike Peters – an IT consultant in St. Louis, MO.  I focus solely on Microsoft products, and work for a variety of large and small clients.

In being exposed to more projects, I started keeping massive amounts of notes in OneNote for my own use the next time I have to tackle the same or similar issues.  I realized that the majority of truly helpful tidbits of info that I’d found had been from blogs of other tech folks that have conquered whatever I was currently trying to conquer.  So, instead of keeping my notes and insights private, why not share?

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  1. Mary

    I was currently working on Win 10 upgrade issues and read The Curse of the Infineon TPM Driver and BitLocker. I thought, “this guy is brilliant and funny”, my kind of guy. And hey, in addition I see here you’re also a devoted, handsome Microsoft guy! In these days of isolation from humans, as in my own IT journey, I wanted to say “thanks” and great job! Although my recent upgrade experience SEEMED to be stable, soon I was battling DLL hijacking/search order hijacking. It’s time for a new Server….
    My best to you and yours and thank you again.

    20 Nov 2016 - Reply

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