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The Curse of the Infineon TPM Driver and BitLocker

Jun 25, 2014 - BitLocker, MBAM, Scripting - 0 Comments - Standard

During a recent BitLocker and MBAM implementation, I came across a curious issue: a sizeable percentage of the client’s computers used an Infineon driver for the TPM.  This doesn’t outwardly seem to be a concern, but BitLocker requires the built-in Windows TPM driver. In researching the issue, I found another blog that gave me the […]

My Spiceworks Article about BitLocker

Jun 05, 2014 - BitLocker, MBAM - 0 Comments - Standard

This is a brief overview-ish article I wrote after I’d completed a few BitLocker and MBAM projects.  It was published as part of the Spiceworks’ Spotlight on IT series.  Even in just the few months since then, I’ve tackled more complex MBAM deployments than I’d imagined at the time that I wrote it.  At some point I’d […]

MDOP 2014 is Available

Jun 04, 2014 - App-V, BitLocker, MBAM, MDOP - 0 Comments - Standard

I’m a bit late sharing this, but in case you missed it – MDOP 2014 is now available.  It offers some significant improvements to MBAM and App-V.  See the official MS blog post announcing the release here.