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Sending via SMTP in Azure WordPress

I can’t take credit for this one, but I wanted to share the solution to sending SMTP e-mail on an Azure WordPress site.  Our company has a simple contact form on our website that relies on SMTP.  When built in a non-Azure environment, all was well.  When we migrated to Azure for webhosting, this was the only thing that mysteriously broke.  A quick Google search turned up Dave Isbitski’s blog with a full walkthrough of the process.  Check it out for full screenshots and details, but the jist is that you add SendGrid’s free service as an add-on in the Azure management portal.  Then install and configure the WP-Mail-SMTP within WordPress, and you’re just about done.  We use the ContactForm7 plugin for our form, but this should work for anything relying on SMTP.

“How do I send Email with WordPress hosted on Azure Websites?” on davedev.net

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