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Windows 10 Device Limit Reached

Yesterday I updated my Dell Venue 8 Pro with a clean install of the official Windows 10 release.  Shortly after, I got emails and about a billion system popups notifying me that I’ve reached my device limit, like so:


What?  I have three Windows 10 devices.  My Lumia 1520 and home computer have been running the insider previews for months, but adding a third angered the Win10 gods.


It was my understanding (and a brief Google-ing backs this up) that you can have up to 10 Windows 10 devices per Microsoft account.  I’ll keep hunting to see why my 3 devices are supposedly exceeding this limit and update this post if I sort out the cause.

Sidenote – the update on the Venue went flawlessly.  No driver issues, and no disk space issues (which I expected since it only has 22gb of usable internal storage).  This is my first use of Win10 in tablet mode, and they nailed it.  Big round of applause for Microsoft.


UPDATE: It looks like my Venue did not automatically activate after the upgrade.  Simply clicking Activate Now forced it to phone home and activate.  After that all of my pending installs of Store apps finished and there are no more notifications about device limits.



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